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Get a Kroger Card!

Support ministry doing something you already do!

If you shop at Kroger or KROGER OWNED STORE (click to see a region list) you can help out. Kroger will donate, 4% of what you spend on with them, can be designated to help support my work in ministry. Kroger will donate 4% of each dollar you put on the gift card to my ministry work, helping support my work as a missionary. This helps me in ministry, expand and change lives in the US and around the world. 

So, here’s how it works:
  1. Send me an email or Facebook message.
  2. I will contact you and send you a Kroger gift card in the mail (already credited with $5 for you)
  3. Next time you go to Kroger to get groceries and gas go to the customer service desk first and put additional money on your gift card (whatever you estimate you will spend, up to $500.00). It could be a great budgeting tool.
  4. Buy your groceries and pay with the gift's as simple as that! 
  5. Purchase your gas/prescriptions by using your Kroger gift card!
  6. Keep your gift card and reuse it over and over again. It’s important to keep the card because that is how the fund-raising is tracked.
  7. If the card is not used for 90 days it will automatically be deactivated by Kroger, FYI.
  8. Once your email is received, I will get a card in the mail to you right away.

Remember, by shopping at Kroger and using your gift are simply doing what you always do...buying groceries, gas and perscriptions.  But you are now helping to expand The Kingdom in a very big way.  Thank you SO much for your support!!!!