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I am serving full-time internationally. 
Making disciples locally and globally.

I am passionate to share a Christ who saves, loves and died for our souls and see discipleship happen.

 I've served in :
  • Mercy ministries In the slums The Caribbean,
  • A city church plant of South American middle class
  • With orphans and street kids in the dirt of Africa 
  • The Amazon practicing discipleship amongst brand new believers
  • Amongst the wonderful people of Western Europe.  
  • Discipleship with Youth in America
  • Loving on prostitutes in Mongolia
  • Reaching out to India
  • Evangelism and Discipleship in urban Europe and Asia

It's been a privilege to see Him rescue, heal and restore lives.   My heart is to see people saved, disciples being made, that they would make disciples.   

I am responsible for raising my salary through the donations of friends, family, churches and businesses who identify with the mission and it's works. It is a big step of faith to live this way, but it also provides a tremendous opportunity for God to reveal His faithfulness and kindness towards us.

On his death bed St. Francis said, "oh if I was back in Paris, I would walk the streets and call out to the students and shout "Give up your small ambitions"" and then his life was over.
 ...The Lord God will cause rightness; justice & praise to spring forth
before all the nations. -Isaiah 61:11