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Jun 19, 2016

O fugit / she ran

I am up near dracula surounding myself with the language. My city had too many people who spoke English. If you get my newsletters you already know this probably. 
It feels like a whole different world in some ways. People tell me i should right my stories down. So i thought my blog would be the obious place. My laptop broke so i am typing on my phone. :/ sorry in advance for my clumsy thumbs! 
But today is sunday - father's day in America. Where everyone is writing gushy momentos to their perfect fathers. And here, where i am it is a regular Sunday. But there is a baptism this evening at the evangelical church. But one of the people, a young lady who still lives with her family until marriage,  as is custom in viilages, is supposed to get baptized texted to say she didn't know if her dad would let her. You see, He's a drunk and he beats the family. We weren't sure if he would beat her too. He tried to but she ran. He is orthodox and she has made a decision to follow Christ.   If you are scatching your head, me too, this area of the world has many orthodox people but they go once/ twice a year and many know nothing of God. The father in this story, thinks it brings shame to him,as though she is leaving the faith. But the irony abounds as he truly had no faith but tradition. Ans ahe is saying yes to the say God his church would profess on the outside. Tradtion is king here. But i pray their heats are turned to the real king of kings. 
Love costs something!